Ciele Just Dropped Some Crazy Expensive Running Hats

2022-09-24 04:50:30 By : Mr. Leo Wong

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Want to flex your muscles and your style? Go for a run and wear one of these hi-tech caps.

For anyone in the know, Ciele is synonymous with quality and style. The small Canadian brand makes quality caps that stand the test of time, as well as the frequent miles hardcore runners log. This week, Ciele launched a mini-collection of hats that build upon its classic styles, but beef them up with elevated fabrics, construction and fit. The brand has dubbed the collection gry, and describes it as the platform for what might come next.

As part of this drop, Ciele released four styles: the GoCap RVT gry, the CRWCap RVT SC gry, the BCHat RVT gry and the BNDCKHat RVT gry. (We know, the names are a bit of a mouthful.) Each of the hats retails above $100, but try not to balk at the price tag – the end result is more than worth it.

Ciele took its original hat and gave it some major upgrades, imbuing tech-forward fabrics and materials that feature UPF protection and cooling properties. The bluesign-approved, sweat-wicking Schoeller 3xDry fabric on the brim and front panel and the knit mesh on top provide ventilation and moisture-wicking, while the brand's proprietary UPF protection coats the brim, front panel and top. The entire hat is machine washable, flexible and lightweight.

This is not your average sunhat. For runners, the choice between enhanced sun protection and comfort has been a tenuous one; either you're going to be running around in a floppy, uncomfortable albeit protective hat, or you're going to be exposing the majority of your face and neck to the sun for the sake of comfort. Ciele's BNDCKHat (pronounced boondock), eliminates the headwear drama, and is a mix of form and function.

The wide brim on the BNDCK uses the same bluesign-approved Schoeller materials as described above, as well as the UPF protection. An integrated premium headband offers durability and breathability, and the adjustable windcord keeps things tight and cinched down. If you run in extra sunny climates, or want a hat that can move from the trail to the beach with ease (and pack down without getting damaged), we suggest picking one of these up before summer.

Minimalists, don't sleep on this high-tech, low profile cap. Ciele took its most classic cap, and upped the ante with seamless construction (aka, no hot spots or discomfort), a Duraflex slider closure that keeps things cinched down despite variable conditions and its proprietary brim construction, which is made with preformed EVA foam to eliminate pressure points and ensures support.

This cap also comes with Ciele's million mile guarantee, so add it to your cart and run your heart out.

A modern take on a classic 1950s "dixiecup" bucket hat, the BCHat is definitively the most unique of this drop in terms of its silhouette. However, in terms of its tech, this cap is as modern as they come.

Seamless construction, an integrated, breathable Toray Ultrasuede headband and sweat-wicking Schoeller 3XDry keep things feeling light and dry. A 58cm elastic headband at the back means this size fits most, but it does come with less adjustability than its counterparts. At 61 grams, the BCHat is feather-light, super-soft and ready for a sprint or two.